KTM Factory footpeg system

Enhance your motorcycle experience with our high-quality factory footpeg system. Ultimate comfort and durability for all riders.
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Factory footpeg system description

Introducing the top-quality Factory Footpeg System from KTM, designed for the ambitious biker in search of an elevated riding experience. CNC milled from high-strength aluminum, these foot pegs offer the highest quality workmanship and an elegant anodized surface for a sleek and sporty look. The adjustability of these foot pegs allows for the right ergonomics for every rider, providing a secure grip with knurling and enabling increased tilting freedom.

Developed for use on the race track, these foot pegs include carbon heel protectors for added performance and visual appeal. The laser-engraved logo and race look make these foot pegs a visual highlight, with technical and ergonomic added value. The foot peg system is adjustable to 6 different positions, offering a change compared with the standard foot peg position of 10 - 39 mm higher and 10 - 40 mm backwards.

For those seeking a sportier ergonomics and an absolute must for their riding setup, the Factory Footpeg System from KTM is the ideal choice. Elevate your riding experience with these high-performance foot pegs designed for the adventurous biker. Make a statement on the road with the sophisticated look and functional design of these foot pegs, a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast.

  • CNC milled from high-strength aluminum
  • Elegant anodised surface
  • The adjustability offers the right ergonomics for every rider
  • Secure grip due to knurling
  • Enables increased tilting freedom
  • Carbon heel protectors included in delivery
  • Sportier ergonomics
  • Developed for use on the race track
  • An absolute must for every ambitious biker
  • Highest quality workmanship
  • High-quality look
  • Laser-engraved logo
  • Visual highlight with technical and ergonomic added value
  • Race look
  • Inverted shifting scheme is possible with optional reverse gear change kit
  • Adjustable to 6 different positions
  • Change compared with the standard foot peg position: 10 - 39 mm higher, 10 - 40 mm backwards
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Factory footpeg system has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Material High-strength aluminum
Adjustability 6 different positions
Heel Protectors Carbon
Logo Laser-engraved
Compatibility Race track
Added Value Technical and ergonomic
Grip Knurling
Design Anodized surface
Position Change 10 - 39 mm higher, 10 - 40 mm backwards
Use Ambitious bikers

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