NGK Spark Plug DPR8EA-9 Plugs

Upgrade your motorcycle's performance with NGK DPR8EA-9 Spark Plugs. Essential for Maintenance and motorcycle enthusiasts.
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NGK Spark Plug DPR8EA-9 Plugs description

The NGK Spark Plug DPR8EA-9 is a versatile and high-quality spark plug designed to accommodate the ever-increasing demands of modern engines. With a focus on physical dimensions, combustion chamber shape, cooling abilities, and fuel and ignition systems, NGK spark plugs play a vital role in optimizing engine performance while keeping fuel consumption and emissions to a minimum.

Incorporating extra projected types and special features at the 'firing end' of the spark plug, the NGK DPR8EA-9 promotes better combustion of the fuel/air mixture, leading to improved economy and efficiency. Additionally, changes in fuelling systems and the fuel itself have necessitated the adoption of specially arranged ground electrodes to combat the 'cold fouling' effect that can occur in some engines using unleaded fuels.

NGK spark plugs also feature a wide heat range, making them suitable for both high-speed and low-speed driving. This wider heat range ensures optimum performance in various driving conditions, while also offering increased resistance to fouling and a higher pre-ignition rating compared to ordinary plugs.

The heart of NGK's Wide Heat Range lies in its use of copper wire instead of an iron core in conventional plugs. This superior heat conductivity of copper dissipates heat quicker, cooling the electrode tip and insulator tip to prevent hot spots that could cause pre-ignition.

With NGK's focus on producing the ideal spark plug type for each application, you can trust that the NGK DPR8EA-9 Spark Plug has been designed and tested to meet the performance, economy, and value expectations of global motorcycle manufacturers. Choose NGK for reliable spark plug solutions that optimize your engine's performance and efficiency.

  • Versatile and high-quality spark plug
  • Designed to accommodate the demands of modern engines
  • Optimizes engine performance
  • Minimizes fuel consumption and emissions
  • Promotes better combustion of the fuel/air mixture
  • Suitable for high-speed and low-speed driving
  • Features a wide heat range
  • Utilizes copper wire for superior heat conductivity
  • Designed and tested to meet performance expectations
  • Offers reliable spark plug solutions for engine optimization
Innovation by NGK

NGK is one of the largest manufacturers in the world of spark plugs and lambda sensors. All global motorcycle manufacturers use NGK products in their motorcycles.

NGK Spark Plug DPR8EA-9 Plugs has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Type Spark Plug
Compatibility Modern Engines
Features Extra Projected Types and Special Features
Fuel Compatibility Unleaded Fuels
Heat Range Wide Heat Range
Material Copper Wire
Performance Optimized Engine Performance
Efficiency Improved Economy and Efficiency
Resistance Increased Resistance to Fouling
Pre-Ignition Rating Higher Pre-Ignition Rating

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