KTM Touratech case

Protect your gear with a durable Touratech case, made for adventure-seeking motorcycle enthusiasts.
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Touratech case description

Introducing the KTM Touratech case, designed to meet the demands of long-distance travel and off-road adventures. Constructed with high-strength aluminum and reinforced with glass fiber plastic, this case is exceptionally robust and resistant to the toughest stresses and strains. The elegant anodized surface gives it an elegant and stylish look, while the proven silicone seal ensures that your belongings stay dry on the inside, even in pouring rain.

Measuring 443 mm x 283 mm x 393 mm, this case offers ample storage space for your gear, with a load capacity of up to 10 kg. The quick mounting system with just one lever allows for easy handling and operation, making it simple to mount and detach as needed. The integrated handle adds to its convenience and practicality.

The case is extremely durable and torsion-resistant, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of off-road travel. With a body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum, it is permanently and tightly connected by a special riveting process, making it a reliable choice for all your adventure needs. Additionally, the locking cylinder for securing the lid and hooks for locking are included for added security.

Experience the ultimate in storage and convenience with the KTM Touratech case, the perfect companion for your motorcycle adventures. Built to the highest quality standards, this case is a must-have for any rider looking for reliable, durable, and secure storage solutions.

  • Exceptionally robust
  • Resistant to the toughest stresses and strains
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Easy to mount
  • Elegant design
  • Extremely torsion-resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for long-distance travel
  • Made of high-strength aluminum
  • Permanently and tightly connected to each other by a special riveting process
  • Elegant anodised surface
  • Proven silicone seal - for a pannier that's dry on the inside, even in the pouring rain
  • Body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminum
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic parts are protecting the corners of the case
  • Quick mounting with just one lever at the outside of the case
  • Integrated handle
  • Dimensions: 443 mm x 283 mm x 393 mm
  • Load: 10 kg
  • Locking cylinder 60312924050 for locking the lid can be ordered separately (2 pcs. needed)
  • The hooks for locking the lid are already included
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Touratech case has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Material High-strength aluminum and reinforced with glass fiber plastic
Dimensions 443 mm x 283 mm x 393 mm
Load Capacity Up to 10 kg
Mounting System Quick mounting system with just one lever
Handle Integrated handle
Durability Extremely durable and torsion-resistant
Body Thickness 1.5 mm thick aluminum
Security Features Locking cylinder for securing the lid and hooks for locking
Waterproof Proven silicone seal ensures belongings stay dry even in pouring rain
Application Designed for long-distance travel and off-road adventures

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