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The Shark D-Skwal 2 Penxa KRA is a high-performance helmet for motorcycle enthusiasts.
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Shark D-skwal Penxa KRA description

Introducing the Shark D-Skwal 2 Penxa KRA Helmet, a top-of-the-line option for riders looking for exceptional aerodynamics and stability. The spoiler design enhances fluidity, while the new ventilation configuration ensures optimal airflow, inspired by the popular Skwal 2 model. Please note that the D-Skwal does not come with LED lights, unlike its predecessor.

In terms of structure and safety, this helmet features a shell made of injected thermoplastic resin, a micro lock buckle system, and multi-density EPS for maximum protection. The visor comes with Pinlock Max Vision included, along with a UV380-labeled visor treated to resist scratches. The "Autoseal" system ensures a snug fit and improved soundproofing, along with resistance to water and cold air. The quick visor release system makes for easy maintenance and adjustments.

The interior of the D-Skwal 2 boasts "BIRD EYES" lining fabric in black, with a removable interior suitable for machine washing. The "EasyFit" system provides optimal comfort for riders wearing glasses, while the anti-fog breath guard and mask ensure clear visibility in various conditions. There's also a slot reserved for the Sharktooth intercom for added convenience.

Aerodynamics and ventilation are optimized with two air inlets and two air extractors, along with CFD design studies for maximum efficiency. The finish is sleek and modern, with a new ventilation configuration identical to that of the Skwal 2 model.

Overall, the Shark D-Skwal 2 Penxa KRA Helmet is a fantastic choice for riders who prioritize safety, comfort, and performance on the road. Experience the difference with this high-quality helmet from Shark Helmets.

  • Outstanding aerodynamic enhancements with spoiler
  • New ventilation configuration for optimal airflow
  • Shell made of injected thermoplastic resin
  • Micro lock buckle system for safety
  • Multi-density EPS for maximum protection
  • Pinlock Max Vision included in the box
  • UV380-labeled visor treated to resist scratches
  • “Autoseal” system improves soundproofing and resistance to water and cold air
  • Quick visor release system for easy maintenance
  • Removable interior suitable for machine washing
  • Aerodynamics optimized with CFD design studies
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Innovation by Shark Helmets
Shark Helmets

SHARK Helmets is specialized in "Riders" equipment across all segments. Through its motorcycle division, showcased by the company's 4 complementary high-profile brands (SHARK Helmets, Bering, Bagster and Segura), 2R Holding today enjoys the status of global market leader in supplying the full gamut of motorcycle equipment (helmets, leather and fabric goods, luggage, saddlery, etc.).

Shark D-skwal Penxa KRA has the following specifications:

Specification Details
Shell Injected thermoplastic resin
Buckle system Micro lock
EPS Multi-density
Visor Pinlock Max Vision included
UV380-labeled visor Resistance to scratches
Autoseal system Improved soundproofing
Quick visor release system 1
Lining fabric BIRD EYES
Removable interior Machine washable
Comfort system EasyFit
Aerodynamics and ventilation 2 inlets and 2 extractors
Aerodynamics optimization system CFD design studies
Finish New ventilation configuration

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